AIFS Partnership Programs: Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

Customized, Faculty-led Study Abroad

Expand the walls of your classroom and their minds

About AIFS Partnership Programs

AIFS was founded in 1964 and since then, over 1.5 million students have participated in our educational and cultural exchange programs. Over 6,000 American college students study abroad each year with the AIFS College Division— approximately 2,000 of these are on customized, faculty-led programs organized through the Partnership Programs Division.

AIFS pioneered Partnership Programs, which are formal arrangements between educational institutions and AIFS in which AIFS provides logistical support, student services, classrooms, housing facilities and cultural activities at a location abroad, plus student medical and fee refund insurances and over $50 million of liability insurance for the U.S. college/university. This enables institutions to conduct their own academic programs abroad at minimal expense.

Faculty from the home institution teach their curriculum abroad (with optional use of local adjunct professors), and the institution maintains academic control over the program and retains tuition income. Students pay a non-academic program fee directly to AIFS.

Since 1964, AIFS has been at the forefront of international education and study abroad, with a commitment to high academic standards, health and safety practices, and a dedication to supporting students in order to maximize their time abroad.

Faculty & Coordinators

“They attend to everything... from the time we are greeted at the airport with individualized Orientation packets and apartment locations for both myself and the students, to our day of departure, not one detail is forgotten. The staff at AIFS were invaluable and I would never think of my experience in any other way.”

—Lynette Mooney,

Towson University